• Riley Schroeder

Crystals and Their Benefits

Updated: Jan 6

I recently started a new little venture into making different products. One of those products, the Good Vibes Grab Bag, includes several different wonderful items including a crystal hand selected by me from a gem store in New Orleans. Each crystal is said to have different healing properties and to help promote the flow of good energy. Keep in mind, there is no wrong crystal for anyone. Each one is unique and can provide different benefits to you.

Below you will find links to more information on the crystals I have included in my grab bags. If you've already purchased your Good Vibes Grab Bag I want to sincerely thank you for supporting my small business and I hope you enjoy what you have received. If you haven't purchased yet, you can do so here.

Tigers Eye

Teal Agate

Fire Quartz

Rose Quartz


Smoky Quartz

Green Calcite

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