• Riley Schroeder

How to Customize Your In Home Massage

There are many great things about scheduling a massage in your home. My personal favorite thing is that you don't have to stress about preparing to leave the house and you don't have to drive all the way back home from a very relaxing hour or hour and a half.

Another great thing is that you can be in total control of the environment. I supply everything that is needed to perform the massage. The table, sheets, blanket, music, and of course lotion. But you are more than welcome to customize your experience with me in a few different ways listed below.

1, Location

One of the main questions I get regarding mobile appointments is where we can set up. I am perfectly fine with setting up just about anywhere as long as there is enough room for me to work around the table. I have set up in bedrooms, offices, living rooms, even outside! Which area has the best amount of space and where would you be most comfortable?

2. Blanket

As I stated before, I do bring my own blanket and I have some really soft comfortable blankets if I do say so myself! But if you have a favorite blankey, maybe one that is heated or weighted, that you might prefer to use then let's use it! Keep in mind, when I'm working sometimes lotion can escape from me and land on the blanket, but it easily washes out.

3. Music

This is probably my favorite customization option. I have a playlist titled "Zen" for my sessions that is a collection of relaxing, soothing music. Although theres a good couple hours worth of music on this playlist, I hear these songs for every massage. So it certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings if you had your own music in mind. It doesn't even have to be spa music, it can be your personal favorite playlist with whatever kind of music you're into. Some types of music my clients have put on during our sessions have included indie & R&B. I was a fan of both experiences!

4. Scents

Light some candles, put on that aromatherapy diffuser you have, burn some incense, I'm down for it all. I love walking into a good smelling home and this small extra touch can really help to relax you.

These are just a few ways to add to the experience of your massage at home. Other things that you are in control of include lighting and temperature. Be sure their is enough lighting for me to see what I'm doing and be sure the temperature is not too hot or not too cold. If you tend to get cold, keep a spare blanket near by. Your body temperature will decrease during the session. The room being too warm could be difficult for the therapist to work in since their body temperature will likely increase.

Another thing to keep in mind is that since you are in complete control of this environment please adhere to the following rules & recommendations

  • DO NOT book if you or anyone else in the household has experienced any symptoms of COVID in the last 14 days

  • Properly disinfecting common areas is an absolute must prior to your appointment

  • Please be clean with hands that are washed just before my arrival

  • Be sure there is hand soap in the bathroom or kitchen for me to wash my hands before and after your session

  • Running and air purifier before, during, & after the session is highly recommended if you have one available

All in all, in home massages are a wonderful experience for most and can make the process even easier and more enjoyable. With the right precautions in place I highly suggest them!

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