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Respect Massage

Hopefully all visitors to my website have noticed the “respect massage” badge I have posted on the home page. I wanted to provide more a little more information about it here.

When I decided to go into business for myself one of the main concerns I had was the probability of individuals attempting to solicit “sensual” services. This is a little less common of a request with spas and bigger corporations so there’s a sense of safety when working for one of them. The people who request these “services” feel more comfortable asking independent massage therapists.

I definitely didn’t want to let this stop me from working. So I had to think of different ways to help keep myself safe. I don’t remember how, but I came across the Respect Massage movement. The idea behind it is to “create transparency in our profession and make it abundantly clear that we are not sex workers”.

I loved the idea of just making it as obvious as possible. I mean, why should we keep quiet? Staying silent gives these people the power to feel confident in requesting these services.

As the website states, “it would be weird to hang a sign on the front door of your practice saying, ‘we don’t give happy endings here.’ Let Respect Massage do the talking for you. Allow our stickers and window decals to open up a conversation with the public and your clients about the intentions of your practice.”

This is only one thing I do to try and help keep myself safe because this alone is not enough for some people. Other actions I take include:

-Taking a primarily referral based clientele

-Performing a thorough intake with each potential client

-Informing multiple people of where exactly I am going to be and how long I should be there

-Taking payment up front if I feel necessary so that if I need to end the session I have the payment in full and can get myself out of the situation as fast and easily as possible

-I definitely won’t hesitate to contact police if I feel it’s necessary

My safety comes before anything and if I don’t feel safe I have the right to refuse service.

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