• Riley Schroeder

"Should I book a 60 or 90 minute session?"

The biggest decision in booking a massage can be how long of a session to choose. 60 and 90 minutes are probably the most common session lengths available throughout the massage world, but some LMT's offer shorter or longer times.

Some establishments/therapists advertise 60 or 90 minute sessions, but that time includes the client intake process and undressing/dressing. So in reality, the actual massage would be 10-15 minute less than advertised. Apparently, this is what is known as “the spa hour”.

I do not follow this method. The 60 & 90 minute sessions I offer are all hands on time. & I will also possibly accept shorter or longer times on request depending on my schedule.

The main factor when considering the two options is probably the price. Shelling out a little more money for anything could be a hard commitment for a lot of us. I know it is for me! I once stood in Walmart staring at two almost identical bedskirts priced $2 apart for about 20 minutes trying to decide which one I wanted, but thats neither here nor there..

So how do you determine if it's worth it to get extra time?

-What is your goal for the session?

Are you just wanting to relax? Do you have a specific problem area that needs extra attention?

Both 60 & 90 minute sessions are a great option for a relaxing massage, but oftentimes clients are seeking massage for a specific tense/achy muscle(s). When allowing extra time for that problem area, time generally has to be taken from a different area in a 60 minute session. A 90 minute however will ensure you still get adequate time on all areas including the problem area.

-Is this your first appointment with me?

I suggest that first time clients who plan on seeing me regularly start with a 90 minute session. This allows more time for the muscles to relax and get warmed up and allows me more time to assess these muscles and surrounding tissue which can help me to provide better future treatments.

-Know your financial limits

Don't overextend your finances. Massage is important, but there are other expenses that are more important. Evaluate if spending the extra money would be stretching it or not and whether need the extra time or not.

-Know your time limits

It's important to know if you have any other commitments for the day. Rushing to and from a massage isn't the most ideal state of mind you'd like to be in on massage day. Some people may also have physical/health limits that prevent them from comfortably laying on the table for longer periods of time.

Ultimately, my final answer is this:

I have 60 minute sessions priced at $70 and 90 minute sessions priced at $90. This means the overall better deal is 90 minutes. I believe the extra 30 minutes really does make a huge difference. I acknowledge that not everyone can book a 90 minute session for one reason or another, but I personally recommend them, especially to first time clients.

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