• Riley Schroeder

Why Book with Me?

Big chains like Massage Envy and other spas can make it hard to compete with. Massage Envy offers very affordable pricing and has the ability to market to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Although they tend to have higher prices, spas offer a luxurious experience. There's all kinds of different add-ons to enhance the experience and you get a fancy robe and slippers to lounge in before getting on the table.

So why book with me? The biggest reason I think I have an advantage over these places is essentially that I put my clients first. I do this in several different ways.

  1. I don't overbook my days. What does this mean for you? This means there is no rush to get you in and get you out like what you may experience at a chain establishment. I like to call that method "turn 'em and burn 'em". They want you in and they want you out as fast as possible so they can get the next clients in. I personally like to have enough time to talk with my clients before and after the session. The information before the appointment is usually very helpful in how I approach the session and the information after is helpful in knowing what the result was. Not to mention, I don't like feeling rushed to get my room cleaned up and disinfected before the next appointment. Especially during COVID, I don't want to rush the disinfecting process.

  2. I'm not strict with time. Since I don't overbook my days, I have the ability to extend appointments if I feel it's necessary. You should never expect extra time, but sometimes I do extend appointments. Whether its 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or a whole extra 30 I do this at no extra cost. Also note, if this does happen I always make sure with the client that they have no other obligations and are okay with extending. Not being strict with time also means if a client is a few minutes late it's truly no big deal and they can still receive their full scheduled time. Vs if you are late to a Massage Envy massage your appointment time will be reduced to fit the time-slot you scheduled. My only stipulations to this is to notify me that you are running late, to not be more than 20 minutes late, and to try not to make a habit of it and the same goes for having to cancel appointments.

  3. I don't go by the "spa hour". This is somewhat of a variation of not being strict with time, but the appointment time I advertise is a true description of the hands-on time you get. Other establishments and therapists may advertise 60 minutes and 90 minutes, but this includes the time it takes to fill out any forms and to get undressed and onto the table. That is what is called, "the spa hour". I start your 60 or 90 minutes as soon as I put my hands on you, NOT as soon as you walk in the door.

  4. I'm not pushy. I don't want to pressure someone into doing something they aren't ready to do. I also believe in personal responsibility. You are responsible for determining how often you need a massage and scheduling your appointment. I believe in you to take care of that without me pushing you to schedule. Do I probably lose a lot of appointments this way? Absolutely. Clients are more likely to become repeat clients if they schedule their next appointment at the end of their first appointment, but the last thing I want to do after spending an hour or so helping you to relax is make a sales pitch to you. I usually just casually throw out something like, "whenever your ready to book again just let me know" or a simple "I'll see you soon".

When you book at a spa or a chain, you never know who you're going to get and if you are the right fit for that therapist. When you're booking my services you are also booking my personality, my approach, my personableness, you're booking me!

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