Moon Child Ritual Kit

Moon Child Ritual Kit

Each kit includes:

  •  A random crystal 
  •  A New Moon or Home Protection tea light candle made by Apollos Point
  •  Sage bundle
  •  Palo santo stick
  •  A single sheet of poopoo paper (eco-friendly and sustainable paper & products made from animal poo)
  •  A decorative/craft feather


These kits are intended to be used in sync with a new moon or a full moon, but can really be used any way you like!


  • Cleanse your space with either the palo santo or the sage bundle.

  • Light the candle & arrange your crystal(s) with anything else you want to add to your sacred space. You can even set your "ritual" up along with a bath.

  • For a new moon: write down your intentions, visualize your goals and write them down. For a full moon: reflect and write down anything that needs to be released.

  • Use the other side of the paper to offer thanks and gratitude to the universe


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